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Frequently Asked Questions

JW Tech Consultancy offers a range of services, including website development, e-commerce solutions, cybersecurity assessments, threat mitigation, and ongoing website maintenance and support.

Our full-service agency can optimize your online store for performance, security, and user experience. They can also integrate essential e-commerce features like payment gateways, inventory management, and product recommendations, helping you drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our cybersecurity department will assess your online infrastructure for vulnerabilities, implement security protocols, perform regular audits, and provide solutions like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and backup solutions to protect your business from cyber threats.

The cost varies depending on the scope of your project and specific requirements. It’s essential to get a customized quote based on your needs, but be prepared for the cost to reflect the complexity and depth of the services provided.

JW Tech Consultancy is a reputable agency with experienced professionals who stay updated on the latest industry trends and security threats. They prioritize your website’s security, appeal to changing customer demands and work to keep it compliant with industry standards, ensuring your business stays protected and competitive.