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What we can do
for your business

We aim to elevate your business by utilizing modern technologies that make processes on all your platforms faster, efficient, and secure.

Website development

Our expert team researches and utilizes many of the most reputable website hosting and building platforms to create a functional, user friendly, and responsive site that will drive user interactions positively. We don’t just apply templates but our background in software engineering allow us to put customized code so your app or website looks exactly as you want it. All in all our customers enjoy professional websites with reliable uptimes so they can be confident in their brand’s online presence as they focus on other aspects of their business.

Shopify eCommerce

The JW Tech team has extensive experience in building online stores on the Shopify platform for clients globally. Our technology stack includes but not limited to HTML/CSS, React, Liquid or any other framework. We can assist your store convert visitor traffic to sales with integrations of Shopify apps and customizations of code to Shopify website themes. Shopify provides essential tools for marketing, analytics, and inventory management, allowing businesses to streamline operations and enhance online visibility. Let us transform your business transform by going online on Shopify!


Our background in Cybersecurity gives us the knowledge to analyze vulnerabilities and apply appropriate risk management solutions to keep your site and data secure. We’re in the digital age where cyber attacks threaten the livelihood and survival of businesses therefore we take cybersecurity seriously in every aspect of the solutions we build for you. From email, websites, computer systems, we’re able to measures the level of risk, give consultation and implement remediating measures to verify a strong security posture.

Mobile Application Design

Have an idea for a mobile app or want to increase your reach to your audience? We can make it happen. Let’s turn your current website or your idea to a great user friendly and interactive app. We’re proficient in various programming languages and technologies such as JavaScript, Android Studio, React Native and Flutter to build or redesign your ideal app. The value of having an app includes but not limited to giving users easier accessibility, offline access for certain features, and in-app monetization options.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Seeking to enhance your business’s online visibility? You’ve come to the right place. Our SEO methodology and strategic approach ensure superior search engine rankings, facilitating seamless user discovery and navigation on your website. By optimizing your digital footprint, we pave the way for increased organic traffic. Our meticulous SEO approach encompasses comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimization, and indexing strategies, all engineered to catapult your website to the coveted top positions in search engine results pages (SERPs). Elevate your business by harnessing the power of our SEO expertise and strategy.

Social Media & Content Creation

An overwhelming amount of people online are social media users so we believe it is essential to have a business social media strategy that effectively reaches your target market. Our content creation strategies are based on data and are carefully planned to help your brand grow quickly and stay relevant in the ever-changing digital world. Our team employs advanced audience analysis, leveraging in-depth demographics and psychographics, to tailor posts, stories, and campaigns that resonate with your target market and compels them to take action.